The Bottom Line

We have shown how to provide hockey to kids that is no cost to them.

However, there are some costs involved.
The bottom line is, in our town, we put on average 20 kids on the ice every week, from October till the
end of March for a total budget of less than $1400.
That INCLUDES all the equipment!
Throw in some pop and the odd pizza night, and then you've got some real fun!

Let's  just think about that figure.
20 kids every week, for the entire season. A total of 600 skaters.
Spread out over the 5 or so months of the season, that's an amazingly low amount.

How you choose to fund that is up to you or your group.
Maybe you have a guy in town with a passion for the game such as mine, and he will pony-up.
Maybe a group of community minded parents...a couple stores...perhaps another community group?
Maybe a fund raising event or two?
Try following our ideas, and use our tips, this can happen in your community.

Consider the number of kids and what they can get out of this kind of programme.
The impact is astounding.

and remember....

It's so much more than just a game.