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Our Mission:     

We are bound to this game as Canadians. It is our identity...Our reason.Some of our greatest memories
 and achievments are centred on this game. We cannot think of much else, from October to June. Our heros are hockey players.
Our seasons defined by it. It's in our souls.
And if you're a kid, then playing this great game is a birthright!

But here is where the problem begins. Hockey has become extremely expensive to play over recent years.
The game is now out of reach for many families, and Minor Hockey registrations are falling drastically.
We cannot let this continue. The game needs our help!

This is where the Kids Free Hockey Association was born. We hope you will join us in our effort to
bring the game back to our kids. Allow us to show you and your community what can be done to provide FREE hockey to
the children of your town. There is no cost in any way here at KFHA... we are not selling you anything.
We are promoting the idea that hockey can be free for kids. Yes there are costs to be covered,
 but we think it will surprise you just how little those costs can be.
Our objective is to get kids involved in our game,at no cost to them.

Welcome to our site. Read the story of Monday Night Hockey, and how it all began.
Our Planning and Tips will assist you in setting up a programme,finding the equipment,and starting a new tradition
in your community.

                                                More than just a game